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Portrait of Eleanor of Toledo with her son Giovanni Medici, Agnolo Bronzino, 1545

Portrait of Eleanor of Toledo with her son Giovanni Medici, Agnolo Bronzino, 1545

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Portrait of Eleanor of Toledo with her son Giovanni Medici - Agnolo Bronzino. 115x9b

Agnolo Bronzino (150Z-1572) was a representative of mannerism, a picturesque trend that arose in the bowels of the High Renaissance. Mannerism put art above nature, hence the certain coldness that emanates from the artist's works. At the same time, the portraits of his brush are full of that knowledge about a man that is accessible only to great masters.

Eleanor of Toledo, the daughter of the Neapolitan viceroy and the wife of Cosimo I of Medici, and her children Bronzino painted more than once, but this portrait is almost the best. She is represented here as the ruler of Tuscany. The woman is dressed in a luxurious dress made of silver brocade with gold embroidery, on her head is a pearl mesh, on her chest are pearl necklaces, her face is whitened and has a distant expression. But the chubby baby, whom Eleanor is clutching to her, makes her forget her title and see that in front of us is, first of all, the mother (she gave birth to eleven children), who loves her child and is worried about him. Maternal anxiety, which she could not hide even for the sake of etiquette, and noticed in the eyes of a woman Bronzino. It turns out that the entire luxurious outfit of the duchess is a kind of distracting maneuver that forces the viewer to consider minor things, then to meet with Eleanor's eyes and understand that this picture was created by an artist who deeply understood the person.

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