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Eugene Delacroix Museum, France, Paris

Eugene Delacroix Museum, France, Paris

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Paris - A colorful cultural town that is rich in various attractions. They come here to walk along the streets that the great French artists, writers, poets used to walk in the past.

One of the objects that must be visited by visitors to this city is National Museum of Eugene Dalacroix. The museum was hidden from prying eyes, lost in one of the French streets - on the street Fürstenberg. Only a few connoisseurs of the works of art of this great creator know about him.

What today is a museum in the recent past was the apartment and workshop of the master. Eugene Delacroix moved to this quiet corner on December 28, 1857. Such a sudden move was due to the fact that it was during this period of his life that the great artist was struggling with the disease, and this area was ideally suited for him because here, not far from his apartment, was the famous Saint-Sulpice church. It was in this church that Delacroix carried out such an elegant order to create the eponymous series of monumental frescoes.

The artist lived in this house for 5 years, and in August 1863 a long illness took the life of the great Delacroix. Interestingly, all this time the artist very rarely left his home. Basically, these were infrequent visits to the church of Saint-Sulpice. He led a reclusive lifestyle. A maid lived with Eugene Jenny Le Gouluewho was very dedicated and caring. She served him since 1834. During the master’s illness, Jenny nursed him, took him out for walks, and even walked along the galleries with him. According to the will, the faithful servant received 50,000 pounds, some furniture and a portrait, already painted by the late master.

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