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Portrait of Philip, King of Spain, Louis Michelle van Loo

Portrait of Philip, King of Spain, Louis Michelle van Loo

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Portrait of Philip, King of Spain - Louis Michelle van Loo. 154x113.5

Louis Michel van Loo (1707-1771) - a representative of the famous dynasty of French artists of Dutch descent. He lived in Italy for several years, then moved to Paris, where he entered the Royal Academy of Painting and Sculpture. In the period from 1737 to 1752 he was the court painter of the Spanish king Philip V. In 1752 he was appointed director of the Madrid Academy of San Fernando.

The king of Spain is depicted in the portrait dressed in armor and standing against the backdrop of the landscape. He openly looks at the viewer, effectively placing his hand in a leather glove on his waist, tied with a bright scarlet waving fabric. The master perfectly conveyed the texture of metal, silk and leather. The color of the canvas is built on a combination of muted gray, blue, green and brown shades. Masterfully painted bright accents not only complement and enliven the picturesque structure of the picture, but also add a tone of solemnity to it.

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