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Self Portrait with Sir Endymion Porter, Anthony van Dyck

Self Portrait with Sir Endymion Porter, Anthony van Dyck

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Self Portrait with Sir Endymion Porter - Anthony van Dyck. 119x144

The work of Van Dyck (1599-1641), a follower of Flemish realism, determined the development of the mentioned school of painting of the second half of the 17th century in the direction of secularism. An artist of exceptional talent and talent created images characterizing an entire era. The types of aristocratic and intellectual portraiture developed by the painter influenced further European portraiture.

On the canvas, the artist contrasts himself Endymion Porterhaving a simple bourgeois origin, but having achieved honor and high noble titles. To demonstrate the beautiful shape of the head, subtle facial features, laid-back elegant pose, the painter portrayed himself favorably in a three-quarter turn. The royal prisoner looks rustic, on his face there are no signs of innate nobility. The fact that the men depicted in the portrait are friends can be judged by the position of their left hands, symbolically lying on the stone. However, the artist’s brush is wearing a leather glove, although his right hand is visible near the lapel of the cloak. Perhaps this is a hint of the character of friendship of heroes.

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