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Museum of Venetian Glass

Museum of Venetian Glass

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Italy has always been famous among tourists and vacationers for its centuries-old sights and monuments of architecture. But most often people visit Museum of Venetian Glass, which is located on the island of Murano. Only the best glass blowing masters lived on this island, they knew a lot about their work, some traditions on the manufacture of various glass products have been preserved to this day. Today, the museum has not lost its popularity, so every year thousands of people come here who appreciate art from glass.

The Murano Museum was first opened in 1861when the country was in crisis and recession, which concerned glass products. The founder of the museum can be called Vincenzo Zanettiknown at that time collector. When the museum first opened, the exhibits were made by the founders themselves, but after a while a school for glassblowers was opened at the museum. The remaining collection of exhibits was supplemented by skillful students.

Now museum of venetian glass housed in one of the XVII century Murano palaces, and is in this palace to this day. The museum displays exhibits from egyptian glass, samples of Roman products, as well as small figurines from around the world. But, of course, most of the exhibits are items made of Venetian glass. These are: small vases, miniature figurines, jewelry in the form of necklaces and rings.

Special attention in this museum deserves glassware: fragile jugs of different colors and shades, small and large plates that amaze with their luxury, bowls, glasses, decanters - all these products cause a thrill in the soul after viewing them. The museum also presents various vases and decanters in the form of animals and birds. All products are made in the Renaissance, Baroque and many other styles.

Today the museum is very popular, people come here to look at handicrafts that have been stored in the museum for hundreds of years.

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