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Portrait of actress Jeanne Samari, Renoir, 1878

Portrait of actress Jeanne Samari, Renoir, 1878

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Portrait of actress Jeanne Samari - Pierre-Auguste Renoir. 174x105

The largest representative of French impressionism, Pierre-Auguste Renoir (1841-1919) worked a lot in the field of portraiture. A brilliant example is the portrait of the actress of the Comedy Frances Jeanne Samari. She is depicted to her full height against the backdrop of a Japanese screen, carpet and palm trees, specially brought by the artist to the usually empty workshop to create a ceremonial setting. Renoir barely outlined the psychological drawing of his model, he happily proceeded to transfer the pearlescent of her skin, fluffy light reddish hair, summed up eyes and bright parted lips. As a true impressionist, Renoir is happy to parse the complex colors of the actress’s light dress, and create various strokes of golden, pinkish and lilac tones.

The Hermitage portrait of Jeanne Samari not the only one in the artist’s work, her belt portrait is in the Pushkin Museum. A. S. Pushkin in Moscow, and the third adorns the foyer "Comedy Frances."

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