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Tate Gallery, London, England - paintings

Tate Gallery, London, England - paintings

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It was originally called Gallery of British Art. For many years, his exhibits include works of the Brotherhood of the Pre-Raphaelites.

Tate Gallery opened in 1897. At its origins was a personal collection of the founder, which, in turn, started with three paintings.

The main gallery building was supplemented in 1926 by an extension, where an exposition of foreign painting was opened. It was represented mainly by French impressionist artists, as well as representatives of painting of a later period. At the end of the 80s of the last century, the Clor Gallery was opened, representing the largest collection of Turner's works that he bequeathed to the state. Soon, a branch of the Gallery was opened in Liverpool. Many museums in England, and indeed in any other country, can only dream of the treasures of painting available here.

Considering these priceless works, you penetrate into a fairy tale. England, invented by rationalistic Victorians, the magical world of the looking glass, a special world of young artists, including Holman Hunt, Gabriel Rosetti, John Milles ... Here is the Renaissance, medieval legends, and knightly sagas, songs and novels. Behind every detail is a mysterious infinity, the true greatness of the universe. The Tate Gallery in London offers the best of the era of romanticism (Queen Victoria’s times, including the Annunciation by Rosetti, Ophelia by John Milles, Claudio and Isabella). It is almost impossible to convey the sensations that arise when viewing this greatness. It is best to experience this on your own.

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