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Pieta, Giovanni (Giambellino) Bellini

Pieta, Giovanni (Giambellino) Bellini

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Pieta - Giovanni (Giambellino) Bellini. 65x87

Another title of the work is “Pieta Dona dalle Rose”. In a panoramic interpretation of the landscape, against the background of which the mournfully silent Mother, mourning the Son, is seen, researchers see the influence of representatives of the northern schools, and in particular, Albrecht Durer, who visited Venice twice. And, in addition, - Gothic German sculpture, well known in Italy. Since the buildings on the landscape background, which contrasts with the triangular monumental composition of the foreground, distinguish the Palazzo della Rajone and the facade of the Vicenza Cathedral, built by Andrea Palladio, it was suggested that the residents could be customers. However, the landscape also depicts the gate tower of Castello, the Nattis River flowing in the area near the city of Cividale, and the Ravenna bell tower of San Apollinare Nuovo.

The bindweed at the head of Christ is a symbol of divine love for the human race, and here is His sacrifice. The ivy motif is continued in a fragment with a felled tree. In the Middle Ages, due to the fact that the shoots of this plant often encircle dead trees, an allegory arose: “Non meis viribus” - this tree was a symbol of soul life after the death of the body, as a blessing in Christ’s Resurrection.

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