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Portrait of V. E. Meyerhold, B. D. Grigoriev, 1916

Portrait of V. E. Meyerhold, B. D. Grigoriev, 1916

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Portrait of Vsevolod Emilievich Meyerhold - Boris Dmitrievich Grigoriev. 247x168

The work of Boris Dmitrievich Grigoriev (1886-1939) does not fit into the framework of traditional painting schools, defined by the history of art. He is either inclined to empathize with passionism (striving for the past) and the elegiac mood of his contemporaries - artists of the World of Art association, or rejoicing and joking in the pubs and taverns along with the Blue Rose masters. Later, his painting technique crystallized into something called "neo-academicism" with elements of cubistic fragmentation of the form, designed to emphasize the acute psychologism of the characters' characters.

Vsevolod MeyerholdKnown for his acting and directorial works and shocking behavior, Grigoriev was so delighted that he said, “You like to the museum!” Prone to farce and grimacing, Meyerhold became the creator of an expressive acting system - “biomechanics”.

The artist captures Meyerhold in the image of the protagonist filmed shortly before the sessions of portraying the film "Dorian Gray". But in front of the viewer, it’s more likely not a sleek dandy, but a tragic parody of a person, fate. The essence of the genius Grigoryev lies in his visionary decision of the canvas - the mystic director will become a victim of the revolutionary element, personified in the guise of a strong, earthly Janissary.

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