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State Museum of the History of Religion, Russia, St. Petersburg

State Museum of the History of Religion, Russia, St. Petersburg

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State Museum of the History of Religion located in the Kazan Cathedral in St. Petersburg. An exhibition dedicated to the history of religion, which was held in the Winter Palace in 1930, was the impetus for the opening of the museum.

State Museum of Religion one of the few museums in the world that describes in great detail the history of the emergence and development of religion. The museum has about 200 thousand exhibits. Such a number of historical monuments from different countries cannot but impress.

The two rooms are considered the most interesting in the museum: religion of ancient egypt and ancient greek religion. In the first room you can see the real mummy, sarcophagi, various talismans, amulets, figurines and many other interesting exhibits. In the hall dedicated to the ancient Greek religion, you can mainly see sculptures of Greek gods.

In the State Museum of the History of Religion, you can also see unique exhibits, such as a brick that was part of the Tower of Babel and others.

The museum often hosts various conferences and seminars. The museum is very huge, so for people with disabilities even peculiar elevators are provided.

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