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Maritime Museum in Finland - description

Maritime Museum in Finland - description

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I would like to tell you about a wonderful museum - Åland Maritime Museum in Mariehamn (Finland). His permanent exhibition includes 8 sections, covering a variety of topics.

For example, one of the halls of this museum, which tells us about hunting and fishing, returns us to the events of the Stone Age and the first settlers of these islands. Thanks to these first settlers, culture from the west of Norway was brought to the islands.

There are also exhibition halls that tell us about agriculture, people, society, the sea, the city, war, and of course about autonomy! After all, the beginning of autonomy in the Åland Islands was laid thanks to the First World War. It can be added that every year, on June 9, on the day of autonomy, the museum is open to all comers!

Basically, the museum tells about the brave pioneers of the open sea: the brave sailors who procured food for the family, as well as pirates. Here you can see various elements of the decoration of ships - coats of arms, flags and much more.

The most important exhibits of the museum are ships and sailboats in full sizein all its splendor and splendor! Also presented are fishing boats, military ships, submarines and much more!

Near the museum is Monument to the Unknown Sailor, it is dedicated to all people who connected their lives with the sea and those who died at sea.

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