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Museum of Lies, Germany

Museum of Lies, Germany

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The director of each museum fights for genuine exhibits in its halls. In the city of Küritz (Germany) is located a very unusual museum of lieswhose director is proud and absolutely does not hide the fact that all the exhibits of his museum are fake. The directors of the Museum of Lies are called Reinhard Tsabka. In his past, he is a famous German artist who believes that the line between truth and falsehood is very thin, especially when it comes to art. This thought led him to create a museum of lies in Germany.

The building in which the museum is located looks like it is 200 years old. But as you already guessed, this is also a fake, the building does not have much time. "Do not believe your eyes"- reads the motto of the museum of lies. And visitors increasingly have to remember this phrase, bypassing 10 rooms of the museum. In them you can see the mop belonging to Stalin's father, the cut off ear of Van Gogh, the radio from the Titanic, the flying carpet-plane, and even Hitler's mustache. All these exhibits cause a lot of controversy. Someone considers Tsabka a genius and a cheerful person, while someone thinks he is crazy, and all the museum exhibits are ownerless and unnecessary things for anyone.

Before entering the museum, visitors will also find a small trick. They are offered to try a healing potion that makes any person forever young, but in fact it is a simple tea, as well as a very tasty plastic cake. All the exhibits of the Museum of Lies, says Tsabka, went to him from the great-granddaughter of Baron Münghausen.

Regardless of the conflicting opinions about the museums of lies, he forever dispelled the myth that the museum is something boring and uninteresting, where all the exhibits are covered in dust and saturated with antiquity. In this case, the opposite is true.

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