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Sketch of All Saints - Rubens

Sketch of All Saints - Rubens

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Sketch of All Saints - Rubens. C. 1612

Outline sketch of All Saints. The transparency transparency of liquid paints inherent in Rubens' sketches, pearly overflow of color, the lack of clarity about precisely but fluently outlined forms - all this helps him create a vision of an amazing, magical triumph. In a moment of happy inspiration, this work was born, in which we face a completely different Rubens than that which we know from the very earthly, healthy, even heavy figures and the bright colors of his large finished paintings.

We do not know anything about the painting, executed on the basis of this sketch. Perhaps she never existed. In any case, an attempt to transfer All Saints to the finished painting is clearly fraught with distortion and impoverishment. Rubens loved his sketches and never sold them; he knew the special charm of their artistic language. Of course, this is not just an auxiliary material, one of the stages of work on a large work. Sometimes it seems that the artist created them not so much for the fulfillment of an order for a picture, but for himself, trying to capture his thought or experience.

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