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The Holy Family on the Stairs, Poussin, 1648

The Holy Family on the Stairs, Poussin, 1648

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The holy family on the stairs is Nicolas Poussin. 68,7x97,8

Nicolas Poussin was inspired by antiquity, the art of Raphael and Titian. With his works, he tried to bring classical, strict restraint, pure, shining light into the prevailing ceremonial Baroque style.

The holy family is located on the stairswhich is unreal, it exists in another, extraterrestrial space, and the images radiate harmony and calm, contemplative beauty. At the very center of the composition is an emphasis on an apple stretched to Baby Jesus by little John. Mary holds the Son, while demonstrating and protecting Him, she is a sacred pillar and barrier. Christ reaches for his cousin, John the Baptist, whose mother, Saint Elizabeth, contemplates Him. The figure of the Madonna is balanced by Saint Joseph sitting in the shade, a bright sow falls only on the foot of his straightened leg.

The picture has many allegorical elements that at first glance seem random: the fruit basket presented to the Holy Family symbolizes earthly fertility, orange trees - atonement for sins and the beginning of a new life. Next to St. Joseph - a classic vase - a reminder of ancient Greece and a casket that symbolizes the gifts of the Eastern Magi. It seems that the picture rises up. This impression is created thanks to the persistent verticals and underlined horizontal lines of stone steps - from the first to the columns and balustrades of the portico, open to the endless sky.

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