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Museum of personal collections. A.V. Bleshchunova, Odessa, Ukraine

Museum of personal collections. A.V. Bleshchunova, Odessa, Ukraine

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This article will tell about one unusual, in the usual sense of the word, museum. This, of course, is about "Museum of personal collections named after A. Bleshchunov".

A few words about the history of the Bleshchunov Museum

The date of foundation of the museum is considered to be 1989, because it was then that A. Bleshchunov transferred his private collection to the city, and in exchange was appointed head of this museum. It is important to note that the A. Bleshchunov Museum of Personal Collections is the youngest museum in Odessa. All museum expositions in the early stages were personally collected by Alexander Vladimirovich Bleshchunov. After his death, the administration of the museum was taken over by his students, and until now they continue the work of Alexander Vladimirovich, constantly supplementing and improving the museum's collections.

Background of the collection and museum named after Bleshchunnov

The idea of ​​creating a museum for Alexander Vladimirovich arose from the union of two passions. The first passion was collecting, and the second was communication with interesting people and their enlightenment, so his house was always full of guests from the circle of intelligentsia. Many scientists, theatergoers, artists, writers and simply creative personalities visited his house every day. And about musical or poetic evenings arranged at Bleshchunov, there were legends throughout Odessa. That is why the wonderful idea came to Alexander Vladimirovich to create a museum so that he could enlighten future generations.

Museum exposition

In total, the museum has 6 exhibitions. First comes the main one, which is Bleshchunov’s former office, and it’s called the “Memorial Room”. In it, any visitor will be able to better learn about the history of the museum, its founder and see family relics of the Bleshchunov clan. After that, visitors are given the opportunity to see such expositions as “Russian Antiquity”, “Buddhist East”, “Western Europe” and “Muslim East”, as well as an exposition dedicated to the city called “Odessa”.

In conclusion, it should be noted that one feels what kind of work and soul A. Bleshchunov put into his museum. This is not just a museum - it is a message to posterity from the past.

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