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“Sailboat off the coast of Crimea on a moonlit night”, Aivazovsky - description of the painting

“Sailboat off the coast of Crimea on a moonlit night”, Aivazovsky - description of the painting

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A sailboat off the coast of Crimea on a moonlit night - Aivazovsky. 47x64

The painting Sailboat off the coast of Crimea on a moonlit night was painted with oil paints on canvas by Ivan Konstantinovich Aivazovsky in 1858. By this time, the greatest marine painter had been living in Feodosia for more than ten years, where, for the money earned from the sale of his canvases, he opened an art school, which later brought glory to the Novorossiysk province (now the territory of Moldova and Ukraine) and became one of its art centers.

In the middle of the composition is a three-masted sailboat. The sea without movement, calm, quiet, no signs of storms - only a slight fluctuation of the water surface, giving out life in it. Sails are lowered on the ship. He, like the sea, is motionless. It seems that nature and man no longer compete with each other, but, on the contrary, merge into one.

The static nature of the picture is emphasized by a mountain range located in the background - right behind the ship. Mountains that destroy the linearity of the horizon, as it were, say that not everything in the world is so simple and smooth, even if at first glance it looks that way.

The colors in the picture are all shades of blue: from pale blue to almost turning into black, almost tar. Surprisingly, the variety of shades of the same color, symbolizing the sensual side of the life of everything, brings the simple truth to the viewer: love has many facets, regardless of whether a person is able to perceive them or not.

At the moment, the picture is stored in the State Museum Association Artistic Culture of the Russian North.

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