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London Transport Museum

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In the UK, in London, opened in 1980 Public Museum of the History of Urban Transport. In 2005, the museum had to be closed for reconstruction, but in 2007 it began to function as before.

Description of the London Underground at the Museum of Transport

The museum features about 1000 exhibits: these are previously operating trains, steam locomotives, as well as various models of public vehicles. Let's start with the subway. Many people know that the first metro in the world appeared in London in 1863. Therefore, there are a lot of mock-ups on the subject of the subway: how the metro was built, what were the locomotives and what did the first metro car look like. All this can be seen in the photos below.

London Underground was built by hand - a model in the Museum of TransportThe world's first windowless subway carThe world's first metro locomotive

There were no windows in the cars for obvious reasons, because the steam locomotives were heated by coal at that time, so it was simply impossible to breathe air from the tunnel. Only 30 years later, they began to use electricity. Surprisingly for many, the word metro is not common in the UK. Here they say the subway (Underground) or on the slang pipe (Tube).

It should also be noted that the museum has the so-called simulators. You get into an old locomotive and drive it, make stops and without breaking the schedule. Of course, everything happens virtually, but it is very exciting.

Description of land transport

First of all, ground transportation in the museum is represented by horseback riding. On the second floor, passengers entered the carriage along a spiral staircase, horses harnessed, and the movement took place on rails. A photo of the London horse is shown below.

But, probably, the most interesting of land transport is double-decker trolleybuses and trams.

Double-decker trolleybus at the Museum of Transport in LondonDouble-decker tram at the Museum of Transport in London

Well, and how to do without the legendary red London buses. In the photo below you can see two old buses and one new, which is planned to be released on the city street in the near future.

Finally, two well-known cars:

Car 1Car 2

Watch the video: Explore London Transport Museums collection (July 2022).


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