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Museum of letters in Berlin

Museum of letters in Berlin

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Particular interest in printing and collecting a variety of signs was the reason for the creation of a rather strange museum located in Berlin - Museum of Letters. Obsolete letters and signs with neon lights are collected, stored, restored, and their historical affiliation and the manufacturing process are examined in detail. The museum has more than 500 exhibits, which until a certain point were an indispensable attribute of many large cities and provinces.

The Buchstabenmuseum (translated into Russian as the “Museum of Letters”) was founded in 2005 by Barbara Decant, a professional in design art, and Anna Schulz, a specialist in museums. By 2008, most of the collection's masterpieces had been assembled and put up for trial by lovers of this kind of art, as well as simply interested viewers. Then, in connection with the forced expansion, this museum in 2010 was relocated to a more spacious building located in the central part of the German capital.

At the same time, with the creation of the museum project, a non-profit organization was founded, which currently includes more than 50 employees who are struggling to develop the museum. Funding is entirely dependent on contributions from individuals.

The main goal of the workers of this museum is to preserve the masterpieces of past centuries for the current and future generations.

The main reasons that make letters and signs unsuitable for further use are obvious: fonts lose their modern style, letters become obsolete and worn out, companies go bankrupt, rename or replace their founders. It is wonderful that there are people who are worried about the further fate of obsolete, but unique products.

As for museum exhibits such as neon signs, then viewing them is most attractive in the late hours, so most of the rooms in the museum are decorated in black. In order for people visiting the museum to be able to examine in more detail the names and characteristic features of the exhibited items, lanterns are issued at the entrance. There is also a small number of bright little rooms that vary in color: red, blue, yellow rooms.

At the moment, the main part of the collection is collected from finds that are found in Berlin and the surrounding area. The museum’s staff plans include ideas for expanding the organization and replenishing collection masterpieces with signs from other countries.

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