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Design Museum in London

Design Museum in London

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This museum has become an innovation, hitherto nowhere was this. The buildings that served in the 40s of the XX century were taken as a banana warehouse, located near the Tower Bridge on the banks of the Thames. With the participation of Terence Conran, the building was largely renovated in a modernist style. The work was carried out by financing interested companies, designers and various organizations, including charitable organizations, and were completed in 1989, when the museum was opened.

Over the years, the museum has gained not only popularity, but also has become the standard of professionalism for so many designers. Only the unique works of sculptors, artists and designers qualify to be represented here. And if something falls into a permanent exhibition, then the author of such a creation will forever receive the status of "brilliant and great."

The museum itself is small for such subjects - only 34,000 m2, consisting of 2 floors and an adjacent territory for large-scale installations. Its 1st floor is: offices, cash desks, cafes, a modern design shop and toilets, which are already a tourist attraction, like exhibits designed by the Australian designer Mark Newson.

On the 2nd floor there are constantly changing expositions devoted to the most diverse areas. The main expositions represent achievements in architectural design, in the design of clothes, shoes, various products and packaging for them, furniture, office equipment, cars, and household items. Here are presented not only graphic projects, but also the creations themselves. Sometimes amazing exhibits are found, and not without reason this museum is a place of pilgrimage for designers and artists from around the world. People come here to study, and to get ideas for their work.

Mostly lectures and acquaintance with new concepts in fashion and design are held in the closed space of the mezzanine of the museum, located between the 1st and 2nd floors. Simple visitor entry is closed here. This space, in addition, is rented out for scientific, practical and business conferences or ceremonies. The room itself is also a sample of interior design, made in blue tones in the style of "swimming pool".

On the 3rd floor there are permanent exhibits telling about the historical development of design, about the design of different eras. There are also exhibits dedicated to outstanding designers of our time. Among the expositions in the depths there is a small room occupied by the Education Center. This is a department dedicated to teaching children visiting the museum as part of school trips.

Currently design museum preparing to move to new squares under construction in Kensington on the site of the Commonwealth Institute building. And it is expected that such an expansion will bring him even greater popularity and authority, both in England and in the world.

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