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Beauty, Kustodiev, 1915

Beauty, Kustodiev, 1915

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Beauty - Boris Mikhailovich Kustodiev. 141x185

Kustodiev always drew his inspiration from Russian popular painting. Here and his famous Beauty as if copied from a popular print or from a Dymkovo toy. However, it is known that the artist wrote from nature, it is also known that the famous actress of the Art Theater became a model.

The artist approaches the magnificent forms of his model delicately, with good humor. The beauty herself is not at all embarrassed; she calmly, with some curiosity, watches the viewer, very pleased with the impression made. Her pose is chaste. White magnificent body, blue eyes, golden hair, blush, red lips - in front of us is a really beautiful woman.

The whiteness of the body is set off by snow-white bedding, the texture of a satin blanket is masterfully transferred. Red flowers on the wallpaper, on the painting of the bed, give the picture brightness, energy, a special mood.

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