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The Seine at Bougival, Alfred Sisley, 1872

The Seine at Bougival, Alfred Sisley, 1872

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The Seine at Bougival - Alfred Sisley. 1872

In the earliest paintings of Sisley, the influence of Daubigny was felt. But over time, a new approach to the depiction of nature, which the artist observed in the works of his friends, and especially Monet, began to slightly change his style. Gradually, in the works of Sisley, the smear became sharper and more contrasting, introducing more confident but sad notes, and tenderness and lyricism sounded less pronounced.

For example, the canvas “Hay under Bougival” evokes dual emotions. Its left side represents a small promenade with green trees that pull their branches to the sky. In the shadow of the crowns stands a young man watching yachts and boats moored right there. The whole composition of this part evokes a light lyrical-contemplative mood, which contrasts sharply with the right side of the canvas. There is a gray, gloomy sky, repeated in reflection, and a few houses on the other side of the river, clearly standing out against the boundless cloudy sky. This water landscape is filled with cold; the tired sadness of the author is felt in it.

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