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Portrait of V. M. Garshin, Myasoedov

Portrait of V. M. Garshin, Myasoedov

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Portrait of V. 23х21,7

A young man, looking from a portrait of a brush of a talented artist, attracts the viewer with an attentive and sad look. Large, expressive, deep eyes, a high forehead, a classic nose, black hair and a beard - all indicate the eastern origin of the hero (as you know, the Garshins came from the Tatars). A thin arm supporting the cheek gives an impressionable, nervous nature.

Despite the fact that we have a young man in front of us, it seems that his life experience is great. The beginning writer is already full of mature pessimism.

The portrait remained unfinished. This is just a talented sketch of a venerable author. It is felt that the inner world of the model is close to the artist, he is interested. In the 80s of the 19th century, the artist very closely interacted with Garshin. They were interesting to each other.

Interestingly, Garshina, as a model, used Repin in several works. The artist was attracted by that inner break of the writer, so clearly reflected on his face.

The portrait of Myasoedov’s brush remained unfinished, as did the life of the writer. He was only 33 years old when another nervous breakdown ended in suicide. The world of people turned out to be unacceptable for Garshin, too callous and cruel.

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