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Star, Edgar Degas

Star, Edgar Degas

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The star is Edgar Degas. 58x42

When a person is in love, it is noticeable to the naked eye. When an artist is in love, his canvases will tell us brightly and passionately.

The Degas painting “Star” is a vivid evidence of the great maestro’s love for the world of ballet, dance, the ballerina on stage, and finally, life itself. The pastel technique, which the master chose for this work, as well as for the entire ballet cycle and for his “bathers”, perfectly reveals the full power of Degas-graphic talent. Everything soars in the picture, it glows from the inside. The ballerina, as conceived by the master, does not even cast her own shadow and touches the floor with one pointe only, she is a creature from another world, sublime and beautiful.

The bright light of the ramp from below illuminates the prima - it is in the center of public attention and is surrounded by inspiration. The artist did not even depict the rough floorboards - the whole environment is as generalized and laconic as possible: the backstage does not seem to us the backstage, the ballerinas in the background are as if behind trees with red foliage. The observer’s gaze slides further behind the curtain, but even there he does not stop at the light blue scenery. Only a dark male figure, either a "patron" or an impresario, quite earthly and "tangible" with hands behind his back, does not allow us to forget about reality and returns to earth. So concise, but expressive and at the same time brilliant, Degas had never written before.

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