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Botanical Garden, Munich, Germany

Botanical Garden, Munich, Germany

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This is not to say that the Botanical Garden is a favorite destination for tourists. But the Munich New Botanical Garden in Nymphenburg is an exception to the rule. On an area of ​​more than 20 hectares visitors can admire the two tens of thousands of the most beautiful flowers and plants from around the world.

The entire exhibition is divided into two parts - open and greenhouse.

The open part begins already near the main entrance. Here is a picturesque pond with several species of lilies. The walls of the Botanical Institute are twined with ivy and wild grapes, and bushes of softly purple peonies enliven the gray stone walls of the building.

Numerous flower beds are planted in such a way that the colorful carpet changes from early spring to late autumn. The end of February begins with the blooming of violets, primroses, crocuses and snowdrops, and late autumn explodes with bright flashes of chrysanthemums, dahlias and asters. 78 species of bees and other insects work in the garden all season with specialists.

A magnificent garden rose garden created by a talented architect and landscape designer Christopher Bradley Hole. Oriental aromas soar over the garden. Hundreds of the most sophisticated colors and configurations delight the eye and delight in variety.

An interesting exposition of weeds and plants over which breeders worked. Water plants are placed in special ponds, among which the largest stands out, where, in addition to plants, several species of amphibians, birds and fish live.

Alpine slide represents dozens of mountain flower species. Here, the undisputed primacy belongs to the beloved Bavarians Edelweiss.

Rhododendrons and violets, tulips and irises, rare shrubs and parasite plants, magnolias and ferns, oaks, beeches, spruces and cypresses - all are of interest.

The garden greenhouse is a particularly popular place. Cacti and orchids, banana palm trees and other exotic plants are adjacent to water turtles, huge tropical butterflies and iguanas. In one room, the territory of which is about 5 hectares, exhibits are collected representing the deserts of Mexico and the Amazon rainforest.

In addition to the permanent exhibition, the garden offers guests to see temporary exhibitions that change every month.

A day ticket to the Botanical Garden will cost 4 euros. You will have to pay another 5 euros for visiting the exhibition.

Getting to the garden is easy - there goes 17 tram from Munich Central Station.

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