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Kampa Museum in Prague, Czech Republic

Kampa Museum in Prague, Czech Republic

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One of the youngest museums of modern art opened a year later than planned. Now the museum on the banks of the Vltava River, south of the famous Charles Bridge, attracts crowds of tourists with its unusual and extraordinary collection of works of art.

The museum is clearly divided into three parts: a collection of the Mladkov family, a collection of modern painting and collages by Jiri Collage, a collection for Jiri Halupetskiy.

All three collections include works by Czech or East European artists of the 20th century.

Mladkov family collection

In this part of the museum there is an opportunity to get acquainted with the work of the artist Kupka and the sculptor Goodfreund. It is interesting to see how the aesthetic program of Frantisek Kupka transforms from impressionism to meaningless compositions. The craftsmanship of color, bold combinations, and an energetic manner remain unchanged.

The sculptures of Goodfreund - the classic representative of cubism - attract with emotional expressiveness, plasticity and depth of images.

Jiri Collage Collection

This collection includes not so much the work of the maestro himself, although his collages make up the core of this part of the museum’s collection, as the work of his colleagues, among whom are the works of Rodin. The collection is notable for some irregularity. One gets the impression that the paintings got into this collection by chance and nothing unites them. But this is only the very first glance. The versatility of this collection is explained by the most artistic fashion of the 20th century, full of searches, trials, experiments.

Meeting for Jiri Halupetskiy

One of the most unexpected and inherently interesting collections. These works were intended for sale in favor of the sick Czech art theorist Halupetsky. Artists gave their best work to help a colleague. Fortunately, the situation was resolved without a sale. But Czech artists refused to take their works back, partially donating them to the fund of philanthropists Mladekov, partially to the Kampa museum.

Unusually interesting works are found in this part of the exposition. But the atmosphere that prevails in this part of the museum is much more important. Visitors unwittingly become participants in a certain campaign designed to help the unfortunate.

Kampa Museum currently undergoing some kind of internal reconstruction. The main expositions are periodically closed, temporary exhibitions are placed. All changes should end by the fall of 2014. Then all the main masterpieces will be at the service of visitors. The museum has an excellent team of young people who often hold workshops for children and schoolchildren. There is no end to those who wish, it is so interesting and unusual.

Entrance ticket - 260 CZK.

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